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How Your Phone Can Make You a Better University Student

How Your Phone Can Make You a Better University Student

Sure, professors are always telling you to stay off your phone during class - and maybe your parents are too, but did you know your phone can actually help you make the grade? Here are some apps that will help you become the best university student you can be.

Quizlet - There are lots of flashcard-style studying apps out there, but Quizlet is the most user-friendly and has a large variety of functions to help you learn for any class. Not only can you make your own flashcards, but there are also thousands of public decks for any subject you can think of.

Wolfram Alpha - Need some help with math or science? Wolfram Alpha can help you out by solving tricky problems for you. Perfect for those extra tricky problems or for checking your assignments.

EasyBib - So you’ve spent hours on that term paper, only to realize that you still have to put in all of your citations. EasyBib makes it easy - you can even scan books for automatic citations when using the app!

Sleep If You Can - If you keep sleeping through early morning classes, this one is for you. Not only is the alarm super annoying, but you can only turn it off by going to the shown location and taking a picture.

Wunderlist - One of the hardest things about university is balancing your schedule. Between classes, clubs and your social life there’s always way too much going on. Wunderlist helps you to keep track of everything you need to do with multiple to-do lists. Add deadlines and reminders and keep track on your phone (or online if you need to check it out during class).

Duolingo - If you struggle to make time to study for language courses, or just want to learn a new language on the side this app is for you. It has many language options to choose from and reminds you to study daily with a notification. There’s even a bot function to practice actual conversation skills

Forest - Yeah your phone can also be a huge distraction from your studies. However, Forest can help you by motivating you to stay off your phone. The longer you avoid checking out the screen, the more points you get. Eventually, those points can be used to help grow actual forests.

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Improve Your Wellness - With Your iPhone or Samsung

Improve Your Wellness - With Your iPhone or Samsung

By now, everyone has probably heard about wellness. However, it’s about a lot more than fancy smoothies with magic powders and wellness models selling hair vitamins on Instagram. Wellness is for everyone and every step you take towards improving your personal wellness will make a difference. According to the National Wellness Institute, there are six dimensions of wellness. Guess what - there’s an app to help you with each!

  1. Occupational - Don’t let stress from work take over your life. Increase your productivity and decrease your stress with Things 3, one of the best to-do list apps out there. You can set daily priorities, plan ahead for tomorrow and automate some tasks.​
  2. Physical - There are plenty of fitness apps out there, but how many of them let you get into shape by motivating you with brains eating zombies? Zombies, Run! is an app that mixes running training with a zombie filled story. The more you run the more of the story you hear. You can also collect supplies, carry out missions and build your base. What’s not to love?
  3. Spiritual - Volunteering and giving back to your community is one of the best ways to improve your spiritual wellness. Use Charity Miles the next time you work out - allowing yourself to help out your favorite non-profits while increasing your physical wellness at the same time.
  4. Social - Social media has been shown to increase anxiety and depression for some people, but you don’t need it to keep in touch with your friends. Using apps like GoTribe allow you to connect with your friends on a new level while also meeting new people in the process.
  5. Intellectual - Challenge your brain and grow intellectually by spending your free time listening to audiobooks with Audible. They have all the best titles in both fiction and nonfiction. Now you don’t have an excuse not to finish that novel your friend recommended six months ago. If games are more your speed, check out Luminosity, an app designed by neurosciences that pushes you to expand your brain power through fun and interesting activities.
  6. Emotional - Try out Happify, an app that helps you to take control of your emotional wellbeing. The app helps you to set emotional goals and gives you tools to tackle your emotional needs - including games! If that sounds like too much, start by keeping a mood journal with iMoodJournal instead.
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Save the World - With Your Phone

Save the World - With Your Phone

You know you can do a lot with your phone, from checking email to taking selfies and calling mom to ask how to cook lasagna. But did you know you could also impact your community from the palm of your hand?

1) Charity Miles

Why not let your workouts perform double duty? Pick one of the numerous charity partners available on the app and track your workouts - both inside and outdoors - to help channel funds towards a cause you care about.

2) Happy Cow

Eating a plant based diet is one of the best ways that any individual can decrease their carbon footprint and fight climate change. Happy Cow makes that easy by allowing you to search for vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants near you - complete with reviews and pictures of yummy, cruelty free food.

3) Forest

Does you phone usually distract you from getting things done? Download Forest and gain an incentive not to flip through your apps, all while raising money. The longer you stay present, the more is donated to Trees for The Future. You also get to grow your own cute little forest on your phone.

4) Donate a Photo

Pick a cause, upload a photo and Johnson & Johnson will donate $1. So maybe those hours taking pictures of your green smoothie weren’t wasted after all.

5) Charity Tap

Fighting world hunger is now as simple as repeatedly tapping your phone screen. Every time you tap your phone, a grain of rice is donated to United Nations World Food Programme. You’re going to do it anyway, why not do it for a cause?

6) Walk for a Dog

If your goal in life is to pet all of the dogs, this app is for you. Just turn on the app when you’re going to walk your own furry friend and raise money for local animal charities.

7) One Today

Google has jumped into the make a difference with an app game. The app makes it easy to donate small amounts quickly to your favorite charities. Share your donations to inspire others to pay it forward as well. Remember that every bit counts!

8) SharetheMeal

Another chance to fight world hunger with a simple tap. Every day tap your phone and the United Nations World Food Programme works to feed a child (amazingly it only costs the $0.50 USD). You can also share a food snap if you want to get more involved.

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Who Says Your Kids Shouldn't Have a Smartphone?

Who Says Your Kids Shouldn't Have a Smartphone?

We live in a world of technology and whether we like it or not it affects the lives of virtually everyone. When it comes to communication the technology that is behind it has opened up doors for all walks of life. One that fits into this category is the Smartphone. As amazing as what this is, there is still a lot of people who question as to whether they really need to invest in this type of communication device.


Should Kids Have a Smartphone?

There are many that say kids have no need to be carrying around a phone 24/7. Which those kids that do have a phone such as this often do. It becomes their best friend. Those against this use the argument that it is too much of a distraction. It may be if there are not some basic rules assigned to the ownership of the phone, but the benefits far outweigh this one negative aspect.


Communication as a Valuable Tool

Kids with a Smartphone have learned to use communication as a valuable tool. As a result of access to a mobile form of communication, the youth are learning to maximize their time. They can communicate with friends and classmates and exchange information in a far faster format than what one can do without a device such as a Smartphone.


The Smartphone as an Information Resource

They can use their Smartphone as a resource for tapping into the internet when on the go. Again, another huge time saver and one that allows them to excel at being able to gather needed knowledge in the most efficient way possible.


Parent and Child Bonding

The Smartphone can be attributed to creating closer bonds between the kids and their parents. Kids are far more apt to send a text message or make a quick call to their parents to let them know where they are. The question of "do you know where your children are?" is one that parents whose children have Smartphones can answer with a resounding Yes! It is because the kids and parents have a resource that keeps them linked to each other no matter where they may be.


Building Responsibility

The Smartphone can be used as a tool for instilling responsibility. There are costs associated with the Smartphone. The initial cost is the purchase of the phone itself. Then the ongoing costs are for the membership plan.

Parents can make the initial investment into an excellent refurbished Smartphone. Then the kids can take on the responsibility for paying for their share of the plan. They can either pay for this through working part-time or by doing designated chores around the home. Instead of getting an allowance they are paying for their cell phone usage.  What has happened here is the Smartphone has now become an educational tool as well as a communication tool.

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Five Reasons to Buy Refurbished Mobile Phones Instead of New

Five Reasons to Buy Refurbished Mobile Phones Instead of New

There’s a big myth floating around in the minds of mobile phone users. That myth is that new mobile phones are the best, while used and refurbished mobile phones come an equal second. New mobile phones certainly have their place: if you truly want something fresh out of the box and are willing to pay a significant amount extra for it. But when it comes to practicality, price and quality, refurbished takes the cake. We’ve already touched on what makes refurbished better than used (read more about the difference between used and refurbished) and here we’re going to expel the myth that new is best once and for all.


1. The price is right

Okay we know that refurbished mobile phones in Australia are cheaper, but by how much? For a new model that’s still being sold by the manufacturer, you can get a refurbished mobile at between 20 and 50% cheaper. For a slightly older model that’s no longer being sold new, you can get refurbished for just a couple of hundred dollars when they would have been close to one thousand when new.


2. The quality is equivalent

Refurbished mobile phones have either been owned briefly and returned after first use, have been used no longer than the duration of their warranty, or haven’t even been used at all. They’ve then had their faulty parts, like damaged screens and scratched cases, replaced, then been checked and tested to ensure the quality is as good as new. Refurbished mobile phones also come with a decent warranty. With their next-to-new quality, it’s hard to see the advantages of new for the price.


3. Continue where you left off

So you’ve already had the experience of owning a brand new never-owned-before phone. And… you’ve lost it. Your hundred-dollar investment has disappeared into who-knows-where. You need a new phone, but hate the thought of paying the same amount all over again… This is a great opportunity to invest in a refurbished phone. You can pick up where you left off, literally, by choosing the exact same model for a heavily discounted rate, and continuing on the same plan. Refurbished mobile phones for sale certainly take the sting out of losing your prized possession.


4. You can’t let go

You’ve fallen in love with your old phone model and want to stick with what works for you. The manufacturer has just stopped selling this beloved model and you don’t want to brave new terrain. As we’ve learnt from history, new models aren’t necessarily the best, and sometimes we just yearn for our earlier faves. If you want a practically-new version of your favourite old phone, buy refurbished.


5. Refurbished is greener
You probably already know that electronics are not biodegradable, but did you know that e-waste actually harms the earth? Chemicals used in batteries and other electronic parts seep into the soil, and make their way into waterways and the environment. Recycling electronics saves resources that go towards producing more electronics, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption, and reduce landfill space which is becoming a big problem in our highly-populated world. Knowing all of this, and that refurbished are as good as new, why would you purchase a brand new mobile at all? Continue reading

Why It's Important to Buy Refurbished Mobile Phones

Why It's Important to Buy Refurbished Mobile Phones

We’re going to ask you to do something you don’t often do. (No, not call your mother, but you should do that too.) We’re going to ask you to take your mind back to primary school when you first learnt the phrase reduce, reuse and recycle. Have you been doing much of this lately? Believe it or not, this motto applies not just to cereal boxes and green bags, it also applies to mobile phones. But purchasing sustainable devices doesn’t have to mean compromising quality, as you would when purchasing a second hand product. Refurbished mobiles phones are as good as new while at the same time being ecologically sustainable. So what makes refurbished mobiles so great for the environment? Read on to find out more.


Reduce waste

Refurbished mobile phones would have ended up in the bin if they weren’t rescued and refurbished. The first environmental benefit of this process is that we’re minimising waste, especially waste that is not biodegradable. Aside from all the problems associated with burying garbage (which we will look into shortly), landfills are not a long-term solution to waste management. While scientists investigate alternatives to landfill disposal, you can help save space by buying refurbished phones.


Reduce toxins

The disposal of electronics is particularly problematic because of the toxins contained within them. Batteries, including those found in computers and mobile phones, contain metals like mercury and lead which, when dumped in landfills, leach into the ground. These chemicals then seep into underground water reserves and make their way into waterways. It’s no surprise that these toxins have the potential to poison our clean water sources and endanger our health. So for health and safety, you’re better off buying refurbished.


Preserve resources

Buying used or refurbished goods does a lot for the environment, albeit indirectly. When you purchase a refurbished mobile, you avoid purchasing a new product, which means you save all the resources that went into producing that new mobile. In other words, you save resources that would have gone to waste. The resources you save are not just the materials that the new phone would have been made from, but resources like money, human labour, and precious environmental resources like energy, fossil fuels and water. So when you buy a refurbished mobile phone, there’s a little less dirty smog in the air, a little less global warming, and a little more water for us to drink in summer time.


Promote recycling
By buying refurbished mobile phones, you do your part in helping the environment and so much more. The simple act of investing in a sustainable electronic products encourages others to do the same, much like buying water tanks and solar panels shows others the benefit of these actions and inspires them to do so too. Each refurbished mobile phone brings us closer to an ecologically sustainable world. Continue reading

iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 6S vs. iPhone 6: what's the difference?

iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 6S vs. iPhone 6: what's the difference?

Just weeks after the release of the latest model of iphone, we bet you’re all wondering how the 7 shapes up to previous models. Already critics are either praising the 7 as being the ultimate iphone to date, while others see little advantages over the sixes. Here we’ll take a look at the most noteworthy features of each to discover which one is truly better.


How do they look?

The new iphone 7 is similar to the iphone 6 and 6s except for a few key differences. While the 6s and 7 are virtually the same size and weight, the 6 is the smallest and lightest. They all look almost identical except that the antenna strip on the iphone 7 has been moved to a less conspicuous spot, and the headphones jack has been replaced with a lightning port to minimise dust. The iphone 7 also comes in two new colours of black and jet black to replace the old space grey.


Screen, display and camera

The iphone 7 boasts a better camera and display than either of the iphone 6 and 6s. While they have the same resolution in terms of pixels, they differ in their display types. The iphone sixes have LED displays whereas the iphone 7 has a retina HD display, giving the 7 colours that are 25% brighter and more striking. The iphone 7 also has a superior camera to either of the two sixes, with a smaller aperture and higher megapixel count for more precision. However the iphone 6s is quite similar to the 7 in many ways in that it has 3D touch technology for ease of use, is capable of Live Photos and 4k video recording.


Which is the most powerful?

When compared in controlled tests, the iphone 7 turns out to have the strongest and most long-lasting battery compared to the sixes. Its battery life is two hours longer than the 6 and 6s and has a total of 712 minutes of call time. That’s a lot of call time but really, for the most of us, there’s little difference between 9 hours and 11 hours of call time. And although the iphone 7 uses the latest operating system, the iOS 10 which runs beautifully and smoothly, it’s got little to no discernable improvements for the average user. We feel that when it comes to operating systems, power and call time, you could be using refurbished iphones, especially the 6s, and notice little difference from the 7.


What’s this about waterproofing?

One of the major appeals about the new iphone 7 is the waterproof and dustproof design. While the 6 and 6s drown in those water-related accidents, the iphone 7 survives, making it an innovator among apple products.



One of the major appeals about the new iphone 7 is the waterproof and dustproof design. While the 6 and 6s drown in those water-related accidents, the iphone 7 survives, making it an innovator among apple products.


While the iphone 7 does offer new and improved features, namely the waterproofing, increased battery time and display vibrancy, the sixes have many of the same features that make the 7 attractive, and this is especially true of the 6s. The 6s and 7 share their light and streamlined modelling, 3D touch, Livephoto and 4k video features, and the much-loved iOS which made apple so popular. So is the 7 worth it? For a discerning user, the iphone 7 has its advantages, but for buyers looking for very similar quality at a much discounted price, we recommend the iphone 6 and 6s. Don’t forget that you can also get refurbished mobiles for even cheaper in quality that is as good as new.

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Four easy ways to score cheap phones

Four easy ways to score cheap phones

As much as we’d love to buy our phones brand new, we don’t always have the disposable income. Then again, why buy new when you can buy refurbished? The quality is as good as new, and you get to spend all that money you saved on something else. You also get the added benefits of making a sustainable purchase that’s better for the environment. (Just remember the mantra? Reduce, reuse, recycle...) So courtesy of Cellect, here’s our top four tips to scoring cheap phones.


4- Go for seconds

Second hand phones can be a fraction of the price of their equivalents in new models, and this is probably the cheapest option. With pre-loved phones, you don’t get as much of a guarantee as to their quality, so although this is the cheapest option it’s not necessarily the best. For those who are willing to take the gamble, search for used phones on classifieds websites, ebay, or more established recycle stores like Cash Converters.


3- Buy direct online

Although this is technically buying new, you can often get a better price by purchasing directly from the manufacturer online than you can by purchasing in store. This way you cut out the middleman retailer to get a cheaper phone. You can also sign up to newsletters of your favourite phone brands to hear about specials and receive discount codes.


2- Do a sneaky call-out

This method is used by students moving into sharehouses when they send out an email to their work and social networks calling out for furniture and appliances. Most people have something lying around that they have no use for. Do the same with pre-loved mobile phones and you may receive one for free. Alternatively, persuade a partner, parent or sibling (ideally someone who’s due for an upgrade and has plenty of cash) to upgrade their phone. Say hello to your free new phone.


1- Refurbished phone sites
Refurbished mobile phones are becoming more and more popular. They’re sold at second hand prices but have been quality checked before sold, and often come with a warranty for at least three months. Unlocked and in mint condition, how could you say no? Refurbished iphones and refurbished Samsungs are obvious choices for those after a top tier mobile phone for a reasonable price. Continue reading

All-time favourite retro phones and why we loved them

All-time favourite retro phones and why we loved them

With all the excitement of buying new or refurbished mobile phones comes memories of our earliest mobile phone purchases. At Cellect, we love looking back at bygone mobile phone technology, and marvelling (or laughing) at what was once new technology. Here are our top five picks for the retro phones we once owned and loved.


#Number5 - The 1st Generation iPhone

To think it was nine years ago that apple first released their much-anticipated iPhone. Brainchild of the genius Steve Jobs, the original iPhone stemmed from his vision of innovation, featuring one of the earliest touch screens in place of a keyboard. Although later models of the iPhone were more popular, especially the first iPhone 3G, we still remember the original fondly.


#Number4 - Samsung Galaxy s3

With the rise in popularity of the iPhone came the Samsung Galaxy series. The S3 actually turned out to be the biggest selling Android phone to date. This phone made everything faster, sharper and smoother, with greater processing power, and better quality display and sound capabilities than ever. At a reasonable price, it was popular with humble users and tech-heads alike.


#Number3 - Motorola StarTAC

Turn the clock way back to the mid-nineties and enter the Motorola StarTAC. This phone was as futuristic as its name implies. It was the first ever flip phone and set the trend for the next decade. Back then, we all thought that smaller was better, and the StarTAC was the smallest phone on the market at the time.


#Number2 - Sony Ericsson T28

Turn the clock way back to the mid-nineties and enter the Motorola StarTAC. This phone was as futuristic as its name implies. It was the first ever flip phone and set the trend for the next decade. Back then, we all thought that smaller was better, and the StarTAC was the smallest phone on the market at the time.


Winner #Number1 - Nokia 3300
If not the most loved and favourite mobile phone of all time, then definitely our number one candidate. The nokia 3300 series can only be compared to Mike Tyson: built to withstand any impact. While we love our refurbished iPhones and Samsungs, we sure do miss the good old days when dropping your phone didn’t cause so much damage!

What was your first or favourite mobile of all time? Write a comment and let us know!

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What’s the difference between used and refurbished mobile phones?

What’s the difference between used and refurbished mobile phones?

Used and refurbished mobile phones are often thought of as the same thing. Although neither of them are technically new, the difference between used and refurbished is the difference between chalk and cheese. Let’s explore some of the differences and get to the nitty gritty of what makes the two unique.

Used vs refurbished

As the name suggests, a used phone is a second hand item that has been pre-used and pre-loved. It’s most likely been used for some period of time, until the owner has decided they want an upgrade. Used phones are usually outdated models, they may or may not be in good working condition, and will probably have cosmetic flaws. These phones have no warranty, leaving you uncertain if they will work for another year or another five minutes. Refurbished phones for sale, on the other hand, are next to new. They’ve usually been owned, but only for a matter of days, returned to the manufacturer due to faults noticed with first-use. While they have technically been owned before, they’ve usually hardly been used, if at all. Refurbished phones have had all damaged parts replaced so that they function as new, and come with a warranty that proves it. They’ve been repaired, cleaned, and double checked for quality assurance. They’ve also been unlocked, so when they’re re-bought they can be used with any carrier.

Why were they returned?
Refurbished phones were once fresh-out-of-the-box new, and it wasn’t long before being refurbished. They most likely had minor faults such as scratches on the casing, or else they had faulty parts, usually the most vulnerable parts of the device like the screen or battery. They can arrive already broken or fail soon after purchase. Some refurbished mobiles have never reached the consumer at all, sold from manufacturer to a third party for refurbishment and sale.
Where do they come from?
Unlike used phones which spring up from the murky abysses like ebay or pawn shops, the origins of refurbished mobile phones are no mystery. Refurbished phones are returned to the manufacturer during the period of their warranty and then either refurbished by the manufacturer or sold to a third party who does the refurbishing for them. Either way, they come with the same guarantee of quality and a warranty that’s often as long as you would have got with a new phone. Continue reading
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